Pac-12 football return to play on hold another week as league aims to start season Oct. 31 or Nov. 7 – CBS Sports

Dennis Dodd / CBS Sports

The Pac-12 remains in the early stages of considering a return to football this fall, league sources told CBS Sports earlier this week. The conference’s biggest obstacle remains easing COVID-19 health restrictions in California and Oregon, states that house half of the league’s 12 teams.

“Still having conversations,” one highly placed Pac-12 source said Thursday.

“We still have a bunch of meetings that are going to happen these next few days,” said another Pac-12 source. “I’m skeptical … but all options are still on the table.”

After the Pac-12 CEO Group’s previously scheduled Friday meeting, the league announced that it is not ready to vote on whether to return to play this fall and will instead meet next Thursday with the goal of making a decision.

“The Pac-12 CEO Group had an informative and productive meeting earlier today. We plan to reconvene this coming Thursday, September 24 to make a decision regarding possible return to play prior to January 1. The health and safety of our student-athletes and all those connected to Pac-12 sports will continue to be our number one priority in all of our decision making.”

If the Pac-12 CEO Group allows a return of football, a shortened season could start on Oct. 31 or Nov. 7, league sources tell CBS Sports. Those dates would, respectively, allow the Pac-12 to play an eight-game season with five weeks of preparation (if started Oct. 31) or a seven-game season with six weeks of preparation (if started Nov. 7).

Athletic directors at USC and UCLA spoke with Los Angeles County health officials on Wednesday and were led to believe county restrictions could be eased if the Pac-12 approves a return to play, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday lifted state restrictions that kept schools from conducting fully padded practices. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown had previously lifted restrictions that impacted Oregon and Oregon State. Those moves now allows schools to work directly with local health officials.

Elsewhere, the Mountain West is still gathering information on a fall return, according to commissioner Craig Thompson. He said the league is sorting through testing options before submitting a recommendation to the MW’s health and safety committee.

In April, Thompson raised the possibility the league could play a season without all its members. When asked again Thursday by CBS Sports, Thompson said it “has not been determined” if all 12 schools could go forward.

A key point: Fresno State, San Diego State and San Jose State are impacted by the same health restrictions as those in the Pac-12.

At some point, the FBS commissioners will have to decide what constitutes eligibility for the College Football Playoff. The ACC is playing an 11-game schedule, while the Big 12 and SEC are at 10 games. The Big Ten has settled on nine. If the Pac-12 plays only eight, that would make four different season lengths for the Power Five conferences.

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