NFL overreactions, Week 3: Best QB — and replacement QB — EVER? –

Let’s pull back a bit on this one. Yes, the Texans are 0-3 — but Houston, we actually do NOT have a problem. Since Bill O’Brien took over as head coach in 2014, the Texans have been .500 or worse through their first three games three different times. And yet, they won the AFC South in two of those three instances. In 2015, the Texans started 1-2 and finished 9-7. In 2018, they started 0-3 and finished 11-5 (not a typo). In fact, those Texans became one of just four teams since 1990 to make the playoffs after an 0-3 start. (The others: the 1992 Chargers, ’95 Lions and ’98 Bills.)

Plus, can we cut this group some slack? They are the first team in NFL history to face the two most recent NFL MVPs (Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson) and a Super Bowl-winning QB (Ben Roethlisberger) in their first three games of a season.

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