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If you watched the entire debacle that was the Washington Football Team’s loss to the LA Rams on Sunday, you really don’t need me to help you with in-depth analysis.

You need an adult beverage of your choice and an early 2021 Washington Football Team draft simulator to spend some time with.

There was very little to be encouraged, positive, or even mildly content with about this team’s performance. They were historically bad on offense and bitterly disappointing on defense. They were out-coached, out-played, out-efforted, and out-smarted.

But, it’s a week-to-week league, so maybe there’s a chance for them to turn the corner in a few areas. So, in case you decide to keep investing in this team this season, here are some Buys, Sells, and Holds after week 5.


Let me keep it simple this week:

  • Buy Chase Young. Again. He will be wrecking games for years to come.
  • Buy Montez Sweat. Again. His motor is relentless and he keeps making impact plays.
  • Buy Alex Smith’s made-for-hollywood comeback story. It’s going to be a hit.
  • Buy Kendall Fuller. He leads the league in interceptions having only played in three games.
  • Buy Daron Payne. He makes an impact on every running play.
  • Buy Jonathan Allen. He makes almost no mistakes. He’s not a star, but he’s a beast.


Honestly, if the Washington Football Team didn’t have to field a full roster every week, this section would be longer.

  • Sell Wes Martin. Again. He didn’t get any help from the scheme or play-calling, but he seems to continue to regress.
  • Sell Jon Bostic. I don’t think I’ve seen that many blatantly bad plays by a single football player in a single game. Ever.
  • Sell Landon Collins. He’s a major liability in coverage (both man and zone). And for how good he’s supposed to be against the run, he continues to miss tackles.
  • Sell Troy Apke. He’s just not progressing, and there’s no area where he stands out.
  • Sell Ryan Kerrigan. He’s not adapting well to this new part-time role. He looks disengaged and slow.
  • Sell blocking Aaron Donald with a single player. Duh.
  • Sell giving up touchdowns on each of the first three drives.


  • Hold Kyle Allen. He moved the ball relatively effectively in the first half on Sunday and showed some grit and playmaking ability. He’s going to have to push the ball down the field to become an effective starter.
  • Hold Scott Turner. This was his worst game as a play-caller. But, it was Kyle Allen’s first game of the year, and Alex Smith’s first game in two years. If the offense continues to struggle this dramatically in coming weeks, though, it will certainly be fair to question his longer-term viability as an OC.
  • Hold Geron Christian. He’s had significant ups and downs this season. This week was a down. He struggled in communication, he struggled in his technique against speed, and he struggled to hold up physically against bull rushes.
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This team is on the verge of going from playing theoretically meaningful games to officially being in tank mode. We’ll see what happens in this “must-win” game against the 0-5 Giants on Sunday.

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