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Sue Sitter/PCT Rugby High physical education students pose with their teachers after completing work on Ellery Park’s Frisbee golf course.



When Rugby High School physical education teacher Jeff Stewart saw the Frisbee golf course at Ellery Park needed repairs, he knew just the people for the job.

Stewart and fellow phy. ed. teacher Tyler Green each have classes this year on a block schedule due to school policy to address COVID-19 concerns. That means they have groups of students in their elective courses meeting for hour and a half sessions two times a week. The classes make the most of sunny weather by participating in outdoor activities such as Frisbee golf.

Students noticed the signs on the course were beginning to wobble as their cement bases wore away.

“We use (the Frisbee golf course at Ellery Park) a lot, so I figured we could (repair the signage) as a volunteer project,” said Stewart. “I asked Mr. Green if he wanted to volunteer (his class) too. We use it, so we should take care of it.”

“I talked to the classes about it and they thought it was a good idea,” Stewart added.

“It’s a nine-hole golf course at the park,” said student Max Schlosser.

“We dug holes for the signs and filled them with cement for each of the nine holes in the golf course,” Schlosser said.

Frisbee golf is a popular sport with both classes of students.

“Lately, we play it once a week,” student Bryson Amyotte said.

Other class activities include walking, playing handball, basketball and horseshoes.

“This is an elective course,” Stewart said. “Freshmen are required to take phy. ed.”

“Most of our students are grades 10 through 12,” Green said. “These are sophomores, juniors, seniors.”

Green said the project was “pretty easy to get through. We showed them on the first hole and away they went. We were kind of overseeing it, but for the most part, they dug the holes and mixed the cement after the first one and did a great job.”

“I think the students went after it,” Stewart agreed. “I didn’t hear any complaining. I think they would do more projects if they were given more projects.”

The students agreed.

“We’ve talked about setting up Frisbee golf courses in other parks,” Amyotte and student Ethan Brant said.

The students said they would like to set up courses in Rugby’s Jaycees Park and Southside Park in the future.

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