NFL’s 10 most disruptive defenders: Myles Garrett, T.J. Watt lead –

42 disruptions, 15.5% disruption rate (271 pass rushes), 34 QB pressures, 12.5% QB pressure rate, 7 TOs caused on QB pressure, 3.3% sack rate

Myles Garrett is a legitimate candidate for Defensive Player of the Year, thanks to just how disruptive he’s been against opposing offenses this season. Relying on a freakish blend of athleticism that allows him to burst off the line with an average time to hurry of 2.91 seconds, Garrett possesses a unique ability to bend under and around blockers, making it a mistake to try to take him on with a single offensive lineman. It’s no surprise he’s second in the NFL in disruptions with 42. No statistic better illustrates Garrett’s impact than the seven turnovers he’s caused on quarterback pressures, which is more than twice as many as any other player on this list.

Garrett is a constant threat to not only sack the quarterback but to strip him of the ball, creating takeaways for a Browns defense that sorely needs them, seeing as the unit struggles to stop offenses otherwise. Forced to account for Garrett on an every-down basis, opposing offenses routinely dedicate multiple blockers to stopping him — to varying degrees of success. Garrett carried a six-game sack streak into Sunday’s matchup with the Raiders, and he almost extended it to seven on a near-sack of Derek Carr.

Without Garrett, the Browns would likely see their 5-3 record flipped. Though he doesn’t own the highest disruption rate on this list, he’s making the greatest impact of anyone on a defensive front in the NFL.

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