NFL Week 15 schedule change: Packers and Bills among four teams flexed to Saturday – CBS Sports

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When the NFL unveiled its 2020 regular season schedule back in May, there was one small twist: The league didn’t finalize the teams that would be playing on Saturday in Week 15. Instead of setting things in stone, the NFL left that part of the schedule open so that more attractive games could be flexed into the Saturday window, and that flexing has finally happened. 

The league announced on Tuesday that a total of two games have been moved to Saturday, Dec. 19. 

When the NFL schedule came out, the league gave itself a total of five games to choose from that could be flexed from Sunday to Saturday in Week 15. The other three games that could have been moved will now be played on Sunday, Dec. 20 and those three games are: 

To be honest, there weren’t a lot of attractive games to choose from. As crazy as it sounds, the Jets could have been an interesting option, but that would have only happened if they were still winless by the time Week 15 rolled around and there was no guarantee that would happen, although it would have been likely. Putting Aaron Rodgers in primetime is a no-brainer and tossing in a Bills team that rarely gets a national window to itself is also a smart move. 

This schedule change won’t be the final one we see this year involving Saturday games. The NFL will also be flexing at least two games to be played on Saturday in Week 16. The options there are: 

If I had to bet, I’d say 49ers-Cardinals and Dolphins-Raiders both will likely end up in that window. It wouldn’t be surprising if Tom Brady and the Buccaneers also get the nod. The NFL is allowed to flex up to three games, but they only chose to flex two for Week 15. 

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