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Roger Federer: 'I wonder if we will smile when watching my tennis'

Rafael Nadal, this year, won Roland Garros for the thirteenth time in his career, reaching Roger Federer with 20 Grand Slams. The Spanish champion left the crumbs to his opponents and didn’t miss a single set along the way.

Yet another Parisian feat has brought Nadal to the top of the world, because now there is no player who has won more Grand Slams than him. The fight for the Slam primacy, however, is far from over: Federer, as explained above, has the same Majors as Nadal and Novak Djokovic, the youngest player among the Big Three, is still at 17 but has no intention of give up.

In a long interview during the Laureus Awards, Roger Federer commented on the award for best Swiss athlete of the last 70 years.

Federer talks during the Laureus Awards

“Those images with that music, oh yes, they move me terribly.

For example, Dario Cologna’s Olympic victory, I remember perfectly where I was when it happened. And then my images come and I think: hey, the win at Roland Garros was something great. I shudder to think about the strong emotions that sport can trigger.

And it’s great that I have a small part in this great show too. The sequences on the past are also beautiful, the evolution of tennis is really rapid. I wonder if in 30 years we will smile when watching my tennis” – Roger Federer said.

The former World number 1 also talked about his four children: “We have played quite a bit this year and the beauty is that you always find a way to make it fun. The problem with tennis is that it takes a while before we can get carried away.

But then you have a lot of fun. Now all four are able to play longer rallies and also ask me if I want to play with them. But at first they told me: “You are not my coach! Dad must not interfere in the game ”. And so I told them, “Okay, no problem.

As you wish. Sooner or later you will come to me or to your mother”. Federer has a wish after retirement: “I would like to start playing an instrument again. I hope I have the time when I stop playing tennis. I used to play the piano, but obviously at that time I was already more interested in football, tennis or basketball.

Every week in piano lessons, I had to explain why I hadn’t practiced and said, “The fault of tennis.” And they replied: “Okay Roger, let’s try this song again” I think it’s nice that the girls play, they also do it quite well, I’m proud of them.”

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