NFL playoff percentages: Who will reach Super Bowl LV? Hoist the Lombardi Trophy? –

Measuring performance when a quarterback is not under pressure gives a good and defensible proxy for the best a passer can offer in an optimal setting. Yes, a QB’s production is reliant on his receivers’ play, too, but the pressure-free environment is one of the best in-game measuring sticks we have. Next Gen Stats show that over his past five games, Ben Roethlisberger struggled passing when not under pressure … until the second half of Week 16. In Week 12 through the first half of Week 16, Big Ben compiled the following figures when not under pressure: 63.6 completion percentage, 5.1 yards per attempt, 6:4 TD-to-INT ratio, 78.3 passer rating. But in the second half of Week 16, this is what the 38-year-old QB did when pressure-free: 76.9 completion percentage, 8.4 yards per attempt, 3:0 TD-to-INT ratio, 139.7 passer rating.

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