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I love sport. Don’t you? The emotional rollercoaster of the extreme highs and lows.

One sport which encapsulates that is rugby. The professionalism and discipline of the sport makes football look like a game played by kindergarteners.

Well, that same professionalism and discipline went down the drain for Josaia Raisuqe.

The Fijian, who plays for Nevers in the French second-tier of rugby union, was sent off during the dying moments of the game between his club and Beziers in a comical set of circumstances.

Nevers were trailing against the hosts until they scored a late try to put them in front at 30-25.

Now we all know the thrills of a last-minute winner and sometimes you get a rush of blood to the head and do something that you would not usually do, such as running round like a maniac while screaming at the top of your voice or taking your shirt off and wheeling it over your head.

The last-minute try seemed to overwhelm Raisuqe as he picked up the referee and lifted him over his head in celebration. The referee, once dropped down by the big Fijian, prompted to show him the red card.

Some might say it was a harsh sending off, but considering that in the rules it states that a player cannot touch the referee in a heavy contact sport, it is somewhat understandable.

As you can imagine, this exploded all over social media and the brilliance of Twitter was shown as someone clipped the incident and dubbed “The Circle of Life” from the movie Lion King to make a fantastic video which you all need to see.

With everything going on at the moment, we all need a laugh and something to distract us from the chaos of incompetence that we witness on a daily basis. The brilliance of sport.

What are thoughts on the incident? Was the red card harsh?

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