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Roger Federer: 'After I end my tennis career I would live...'

Roger Federer has given up on the 2021 Australian Open because his priority now is family: “I am 39, four children, I have won 20 Grand Slam tournaments. For me it is no longer time to be away from my family for more than five weeks”, this was the explanation given by Roger Federer to Andre Sa, a former Brazilian tennis player, now director of public relations for Australian Open players.

This year, in fact, the approach to the Grand Slam tournament in Melbourne is made difficult for everyone by the rules to contain the Coronavirus pandemic and Federer has therefore decided to give up, because he should have either gone alone or imposed a heavy quarantine on his wife and sons.

This is therefore the real reason why the Swiss would have given up on the appointment with the Australian Open 2021, not the injury that kept him out of the game for the whole second half of 2020 – that is, since tennis has resumed playing.

after months off. A personal motivation that reassures Federer’s physical condition but that will bring him inactivity to a full year. A few days ago, Roger Federer was interviewed by the GALA magazine at Lake Zurich, where the Swiss superstar talked about his extended break from tennis and how his family has supported him throughout his career.

Roger Federer on the support of his family

“For 20 years I was always on the move, constantly on the move. The longest time at home was a maximum of five to six weeks. A break like that is really good. I can come down and spend a lot of time with my family,” Roger Federer said.

By his own admission, Roger Federer has been in high spirits while he’s been away from the court – something that has been made possible by his wife Mirka and kids. “When someone is important to you, emotions come into play and the poker face melts like sugar,” Federer said.

“Mirka is the best mother, the best wife! Mirka has always been a huge support, she is a wonderful person. During my long career she has always supported me,” Federer added. Asked about his life after tennis, Roger Federer remarked that he would settle in Switzerland after he hangs up the racquet – but that that would happen only if his body can no longer go on.

“Switzerland is my absolute favorite country, and I have always known that one day after I end my tennis career I would live here. If the cogs no longer work, then I stop,” Federer concluded.

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