Three 2021 NFL free agents who should stay; three who should go –

Godwin’s recent comments suggesting he wouldn’t risk putting himself in a “miserable” situation for the sake of money show wisdom beyond his 25 years. He appears to be aware that there are far worse fates than catching passes from Tom Brady on a team considered an early front-runner to capture a second straight Super Bowl title. Godwin found his niche working out of the slot in Tampa’s offense, collecting a team-high 45 targets, 38 catches, 463 yards and two scores out of the slot in 2020. He missed four games with injuries, which likely explains why he fell short of 1,000 yards, but he edged leading Bucs receiver Mike Evans (1,006 yards) in targets per game (7 to 6.8) and receptions per game (5.4 to 4.4). Godwin is a much better receiver, technique-wise, than Evans.

I don’t believe Godwin will receive the franchise or transition tag, even if the Bucs find a way to retain last year’s tag recipient, pass rusher Shaquil Barrett. Thus, his return will rest on two factors: 1) Will someone else offer him WR1 money? And 2) Will Godwin believe that this hypothetical squad has as good a chance of competing for the Lombardi Trophy as the Bucs do?

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