Tennessee high school basketball team barred from postseason after coach’s son punches opposing coach – CBS Sports


A girls high school basketball team in Tennessee had its season end suddenly after its coach’s son decided to punch an opposing coach in the face repeatedly. In addition to the postseason ban this year, the team at Arlington High School will also face fines and other penalties, according to the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association.

The incident happened on March 2 when, after a game between Arlington and Dyer County High School, a kid “jumped on” one of the coaches for Dyer County and punched him multiple times in the face. The child was later revealed to be the son of Arlington’s head coach, and even though he does not attend the school his dad coaches at, the punishment was still levied towards his dad’s program.

In a statement given to local station FOX13, Arlington Community Schools cited law enforcement to note that this attack didn’t exactly come out of nowhere, but also listed the punishments that the board is considering.

“It’s been reported to law enforcement that the Dyer County coach was allegedly directing insults towards the AHS coach after last night’s game in the parking lot when the incident involving the minor occurred,” a statement to FOX13 read. “The minor will not be allowed on ACS property for the remainder of the school year, and we are reviewing the actions of the Dyer County coach to determine whether a competitive partnership will continue in the future.”

The team is being placed on restrictive probation for all of this season and next season, banned from this year’s postseason tournament and fined $2,000

The team, which went 13-2 this season, will also not qualify for any teamwide or individual awards

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