College football could tweak overtime rules again in hopes of shortening games –

The NCAA Football Rules Committee has proposed further tweaks to overtime rules, in order to “lessen the number of plays it takes for a winning team to be determined.”

Should the proposal pass, teams would be required to go for two points following a touchdown beginning with the second overtime. Currently, 2-point conversions are not required until the third overtime.

In addition, beginning with the third overtime, teams would run alternating 2-point plays rather than a series of four downs beginning at the 25-yard line. Currently, that system exists beginning with the fifth overtime.

Other potential rule changes include:

• Permanently extending the players’ sideline area to the 20-yard line. It was moved from the 25-yard line to the 15-yard line in 2020 due to COVID-19.

• Video board and lighting system operators cannot “create any distraction that obstructs play.” This is likely in response to Oklahoma State simulating goal posts on its video board during a game vs. Texas last fall.

• Proposing a framework to allow for post-game video review of players faking injuries in order to stop the clock and “slow down the opposition’s momentum.”

“Points of emphasis” for 2021 will include stiffer penalties for taunting, sending players out of the game for violating uniform rules and issuing unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for coaches who enter the field of play to debate officiating decisions.

The rule changes still must pass muster with the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which meets April 22.

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