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On. Wednesday’s episode of “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” host David Samson discussed the NFL’s decision to add a regular season game, making the regular season 17 games rather than 16.

“The NFL is going to 17 games and everyone is happy. We’ll hold on who’s happy, let’s go down the list,” Samson begins, adding that NFL owners, broadcast partners and corporate sponsors are definitely happy, as more games means more money.

We have new TV deals, we have a new collective bargaining agreement, we have the rights to go to a 17 game season

Samson said when working on bargaining agreements, you look at what the other side will most likely get, what you want but could get and what you want but will most likely not get in the agreement.

“The NFL did not need 17 games, that was not on the need column, it was on the want column because they were in the middle of negotiating with the broadcast partners for an extension,” he noted.

Following the NFL’s announcement of the regular season increase, commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement explaining why the league decided to add a game.

“When you’re Roger Goodell and you’re trying to keep peace he decided that he was going to release a statement and this statement made me smile,” the podcast host said.

Goodell said they were following the science and saw that most injuries happen during practice or preseason games.

“There’s not one mention so far of the economic benefit of a seventeenth game,” Samson noted, but was sure the mention would eventually come.

Goodell then talked about health and safety innovations and said they are still focusing on making the game safer, ending the statement without admitting that the league was also in this for the money.

“The sole reason they’re doing it had nothing to do with health and safety it had nothing to do with the data. GMAB. [Give me a break] It’s a bunch of horse hockey,” Samson said. “Just say it! ‘We wanted an extra game because we laid the groundwork for this for the last ten years, because when you look at teams and you look at the ability to increase revenue, one of the ways to increase revenue when you’ve got demand is to give more supply.”

Samson ended saying he wished Goodell was honest in his statement rather than trying to convince fans it was for all these other reasons.

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