2021 NFL Draft: Prospect-pro comparisons for top pass rushers – NFL.com

Pro comparison: Danielle Hunter, Minnesota Vikings (five NFL seasons, 54.5 career sacks).

Oweh’s height and weight (6-foot-5, 257 pounds, as measured at Penn State’s pro day) are basically the same as Hunter’s (6-5, 252), as is his arm length (34 1/2 inches, compared to Hunter’s 34 1/3), though Oweh posted a far better time in the 40-yard dash (a blistering, albeit unofficial, 4.36 seconds) than Hunter (still a very fast 4.57), and he also outpaced Hunter in the vertical jump (39 1/2 inches to Hunter’s 36 1/2).

Oweh’s sack production in his final collegiate season was underwhelming, in that there wasn’t any — he posted zero sacks in six games, though he did leave Penn State with seven career sacks and 13 career tackles for loss. Hunter also finished with just 1.5 sacks in his last season at LSU. However, like Hunter, Oweh heads to the pros with tons of upside. Oweh’s football background is relatively limited, and he’s still learning how to rush the passer. I wouldn’t be surprised if he embarks upon a Hunter-like career trajectory, refining his skills as a rookie and then blossoming a season or two down the road. That said, I do think he’ll be more productive than Hunter was in Year 1 (6.0 sacks, one start).

One crucial trait these two players share is competitiveness, without which it would be impossible to succeed, regardless of how well one tests — and it’s why it’s safe to bet on Oweh’s development and Hunter’s ability to reclaim his status as a premier pass rusher after losing 2020 to injury.

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