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How idolized tennis coach and mentor, Patrick Mouratoglou, inspires the youth and transforms the culture of the game.

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From the year 1987, the Miami Open has been a renowned competition that has attracted a global audience who hold the culture of tennis dear to their hearts. Thirty-four years later and amidst the recent conclusion of the 2021 Miami Open, we celebrate the game and how far it has come. More importantly, we commemorate the masterminds who have been the driving force behind the triumphant evolution of the sport.

With unrivaled expertise and wisdom, Patrick Mouratoglou (@patrickmouratoglou) utilizes his childhood experience as an on-court player to create an evolutionary coaching philosophy—molding not only some of the greatest champions but also the youth and the culture of the game as a whole.

From his nine-year career coaching Serena Williams to his unmatched success in inspiring the youth on a global scale, Mouratoglou has conquered his teachings while refining the sport’s traditions. “I always consider that I know nothing. I start with a white page, trying to discover my player and understand issues that he or she goes through,” says Mouratoglou. Beyond technical and tactical instruction, his greatest strength lies in creating a deep understanding of each of his players. His father-like approach recognizes the needs of individuals to nurture them in accomplishing competitive goals.

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His devotion to the youth is seen prominently through his academy, where his focus is to encourage the full potential of his athletes through both training and education. “I created my tennis academy because as a kid my dream was to become pro, and I didn’t have a chance,” Mouratoglou adds, “this was something that hurt me a lot, and I thought I would devote my life to helping kids become professionals and to help them in achieving their goals.” His Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in the South of France is now a globally famed academy—featuring impressive facilities, exceptional coaches and high-level players.

In continuing his journey of mentorship, the creation of his Ultimate Tennis Showdown is notable for its ability to showcase tennis in a way that attracts a younger demographic. With the second season of the Showdown being around the corner, Mouratoglou’s additions to the competition will be devoted to his efforts of adapting to future generations. “The idea is to find the ideal concept for tennis in the future,” Mouratoglou adds, “I want tennis to continue to shine, and tennis is not going to shine for long if we do not seduce the younger generation.”

The tennis guru cements his commitment with the philanthropic development of his Champ’Seed Foundation, which targets and supports young tennis talents lacking financial means. While his career faces many more inspiring projects, such as his acclaimed Tennis Centers seen in Dubai and now expanding to Costa Navarino—Mouratoglou aims to inspire players at any level. As his mentorship and entrepreneurial additions to the sport will be an everlasting legacy, his impact will remain an unwavering light of inspiration shining over every court for generations to come.

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