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Spring Football is here and with Arizona alum Gronk in town to serve as an honorary coach in the Spring Game, already he is bringing exposure to the Cats. 

It is a busy weekend for Arizona Football as former Wildcats Rob Gronkowski and Tedy Bruschi are in town to serve as honorary coaches for the Spring Football Game. However, it wouldn’t be a normal weekend for the Gronk if he didn’t partake in some kind of shenanigans.

Known a bit for his theatrics and antics, now 31, Rob is still very much the young-hearted football player that came to Tucson from Amherst, NY 14 years ago.

As we’ve all grown to love and adore, Gronk brings energy and excitement wherever he goes, so naturally, as he returned to Tucson this weekend, of course, we would be in store for an interesting experience.

Having previously won a WWE Title and fresh off yet another Super Bowl win, what’s one more win for Rob?

Well, as the Gronk returned to Arizona Stadium again, dressed in an Arizona jersey and helmet, he was ready to take on a new challenge, like breaking a Guinness World Record.

Standing mid-field and with a helicopter hovering Arizona Stadium 600-feet above, a football was dropped, swirling towards Earth before Gronk successfully secured the football before it hit the ground.

Met by an excited and astonished group of spectators, Gronk naturally spiked the football and celebrated as he broke the Guinness World record for his catch. Granted, it took Rob a few attempts to do so, however, the feat is still incredible.

With Arizona Football desperately trying to escape the funk from the previous couple of years, there is excitement in Tucson again, and Gronk only seems to highlight that as his Record-Breaking performance brings exposure and excitement to a program that had been longing for it.

The 2021 Spring Game is set for Saturday afternoon inside Arizona Stadium, and overall it should be a great weekend for the Wildcats.

See Rob’s amazing catch!

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