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Archbishop Carroll’s Anquan Hill, left, looks to pass against Roman Catholic. (DFM File)

(Minimum half team games played; Based on games reported to the Daily Times)

Scoring average

Karell Watkins, Chester 22.5
Malik Edwards, Bonner-Prendergast 22.4
Jameel Brown, Haverford School 21.7
Carl Schaller, Garnet Valley 18.8
Anquan Hill, Archbishop Carroll 17.3
Luke Edwards, Strath Haven 17.0
Abu Kamara, Chichester 16.9
Josh Hankins, Chichester 16.6
Fareed Burton, Chester 16.3
Earle Greer, Delco Christian 16.2
Josh Parks, Delco Christian 15.8
Saahir Lee, Penncrest 15.4
Will Delaney, Episcopal Academy 15.4
John Seidman, Haverford 14.6
Justin Langan, Garnet Valley 13.8
Sean DeShields, Chester Charter Scholars Academy 13.8
Moses Hipps, Archbishop Carroll 13.6
Jordan Mitchell, Delco Christian 13.6
Pete Cavacini, Christian Academy 13.6
Lewis Robinson, Radnor 13.0
Caleb Carter, Archbishop Carroll 12.7
Jackson Hicke, Radnor 12.7
Tahir Mills, Ridley 12.3
Shareef Jones, Upper Darby 12.0
Matt Shuler, Strath Haven 11.9
Kevin McCarthy, Episcopal Academy 11.8
Mike Tansey, Marple Newtown 11.3
Josh Coulanges, Cardinal O’Hara 10.9
Christian Clover, Haverford School 10.7
Maz Sayed, Chichester 10.6
Ben Stanton, Penncrest 10.4
Tyler Seward, Archbishop Carroll 10.3
Jameel Burton, Chester 9.9
Owen Mathes, Marple Newtown 9.8
AJ Grande, Springfield 9.6
Abdullah Dublin, Penn Wood 9.5
Denzel Atkinson-Boyer, Penncrest 9.4
Cole Rhodes, Springfield 9.3
Zach Genther, Haverford School 9.3
Ryan Straub, Marple Newtown 9.2
Eric McKee, Marple Newtown 9.2
Daniel Rosenblum, Radnor 9.0
Mandon Seapoe, Bonner-Prendergast 9.0
Miles Johnson, Cardinal O’Hara 8.9
James Welde, Bonner-Prendergast 8.9
Amir Speights, Cardinal O’Hara 8.8
Maasai Harris, Cardinal O’Hara 8.8
J.R. Newman, Haverford 8.7
Josh Dell’Arciprete, Delco Christian 8.6
Davon Stovall, Chester Charter Scholars Academy 8.6
CJ Dabbs, Upper Darby 8.6
Gannon McKee, Garnet Valley 8.5

3-pointers made

Justin Langan, Garnet Valley 40
Moses Hipps, Archbishop Carroll 37
Josh Parks, Delco Christian 37
Mike Tansey, Marple Newtown 34
Josh Dell’Arciprete, Delco Christian 34
Davon Stovall, Chester Charter Scholars Academy 33
Josh Hankins, Chichester 31
Ryan Straub, Marple Newtown 31
Jace Kees, Delco Christian 31
Kevin Miller, Chester Charter Scholars Academy 28
Fareed Burton, Chester 27
Ben Stanton, Penncrest 26
Will Delaney, Episcopal Academy 25
Kevin McCarthy, Episcopal Academy 25
Earle Greer, Delco Christian 25
Jameel Brown, Haverford School 24
Ryan Wootten, Garnet Valley 24
Eric McKee, Marple Newtown 24
Terrence Cobb, Springfield 23
Abdullah Dublin, Penn Wood 23
Luke Edwards, Strath Haven 22
Malik Edwards, Bonner-Prendergast 22
AJ Grande, Springfield 22
Cole Rhodes, Springfield 22
Carl Schaller, Garnet Valley 22
Pete Cavacini, Christian Academy 22
Mike Hoey, Springfield 21
Gannon McKee, Garnet Valley 21
Naeem Purnell, Penn Wood 18
Max Koehler, Garnet Valley 17
Shareef Jones, Upper Darby 16
Zach Genther, Haverford School 16
Nick Colucci, Haverford 15
John Seidman, Haverford 15
Lars Specht, Christian Academy 12
Jackson Hicke, Radnor 13
Maz Sayed, Chichester 13
Sayo Kenneth, Penn Wood 13
Googie Seidman, Haverford 12



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