3rd Region Tennis recap (May 15) – The Owensboro Times

The 3rd Region Tennis Tournament hit Centre Court Saturday as singles and doubles competitors hit the court for their shot at a title with the final coming Tuesday.

When the dust settled Saturday, the quarterfinals were set with several locals moving on to compete on Monday.

Here’s a look at the brackets when competition resumes on Monday.


Girls Singles- Quarterfinal Matchups
Cason (Catholic) v Hyland (Apollo)
Durbin (Hancock) v Weedman (Grayson)
Kopper (Meade) v Lampert (Apollo)
Buckman (Catholic) v Hayden (DC)

Girls Doubles- Quarterfinal Matchups
Moore/Young (Catholic) v Flake/Proctor (Hancock)
Blandford/Clements (Apollo) v Smith/Salamah (Owensboro)
Hall/Kolomiyets (DC) v Boggess/Hardison (Muhlenberg)
Woosley/Elmore (Grayson) v Hayden/Merchant (Catholic)

Boys Singles- Quarterfinal Matchups
Mather (Owensboro) v Gill (Butler)
Cummings (Grayson) v Haria (DC)
Brown (Grayson) v Hulse (DC)
Johnson (Edmonson) v Bradley (Meade)

Boys doubles- Quarterfinal Matchups
Johnston/Dupin (Meade) v Miller/Hunt (Butler)
Peeples/Newton (DC) v Conder/Ray (Catholic)
Soderling/Embry (Muhlenberg) v Flener/Grubb (Butler)
Medley/Littrel (Meade) v Sandefur/Clark (DC)


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