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(KYMA, KECY/ NBC News) – Teammates can find connections in all sorts of expected ways in their sport, but some teammates bonding experiences may come as a surprise.

Specifically for two of the fastest men on the US Olympic rugby squad. A bond formed over how slow they like to take life off of the pitch.

“Slow Bros comes from how we’re the last ones out of the hotel. We’re always the last ones to get to the bus. We’re always the last ones to go to breakfast,” said Perry Baker. “We’re just always the last ones.”

Perry Baker and Carlin Isles find it funny because they know that they’re actually the “Fast Bros” on the pitch.

“What the rest of the team thinks about us is they think we’re always late,” said Isles. “That’s for sure.”

The US rugby team and the rest of the US Olympic teams strap up and head to Tokyo for the summer games in about two months with the opening ceremonies beginning on July 23rd.

It will be interesting to see if the “Slow Bros” make it to the plane on time.

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