2021 NFL season: Which offseason trade will be most impactful? – NFL.com

It’s very fair to say the Titans’ acquisition of Julio Jones could be the most impactful, given the fact that Tennessee essentially replaced free-agent departure Corey Davis with Jones, but I’m leaning toward the most important position in sports for this one. The Rams’ offense didn’t exactly meet its peak potential in 2020, and Sean McVay’s displeasure with Jared Goff afterward told us all we needed to know. The decision to replace Goff with Matthew Stafford increases Los Angeles’ chances of reaching said potential. Instead of fighting through Goff’s weaknesses to guide the Rams toward becoming a more viable NFL offense, McVay can now trust that he has a better-equipped and more experienced quarterback in Stafford to execute his vision. Now it’s just a matter of doing the job over the course of a (hopefully healthy) season, and reflecting once the dust settles.

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