Auburn basketball: Did Buffalo Wild Wings acknowledge the double-dribble? – Fly War Eagle

Is Buffalo Wild Wings secretly an Auburn basketball stan restaurant? Yes. That’s the only conclusion to draw after the acknowledgment of the infamous Final Four double dribble on their Twitter page this week.

The Buffalo Wild Wings social team took to Twitter yesterday to ask sports fans far and wide about their worst sports loss experience, and Auburn basketball fans have a pretty bad loss to be upset about. Anyone who supports the Tigers will likely never forget the roller coaster of emotions that includes thinking your team is heading to a national championship followed by a soul-crushing loss.

Barstool Auburn certainly didn’t forget. Although it was two years ago, it feels like just yesterday that Jared, Bryce, and Chuma were blazing a trail to the championship. It happened so quickly and went down in sports history: Ty Jerome’s double dribble.

The missed call caused much controversy around the game, with sports analysts expressing their outrage and Ty Jerome shrugging it off because the officials can’t catch every foul. The missed call tore down Auburn basketball’s dream season, and the NCAA had “no comment” on the play.

But we’ll take the small victories, at this point, like the Buffalo Wild Wings social team acknowledging that Ty Jerome did indeed double dribble, which is more than the NCAA ever did.

While Tiger fans were unable to get the word-for-word statement out of the B-Dubs team, it was made clear whose side of the argument the restaurant is on, and that’s what matters.

Will they be changing their brand colors from black and yellow to orange and blue soon? No word on that yet, but we would definitely consider adding BWW to the Auburn family.

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