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There are several players on the NY Giants’ roster who could be up for contract extensions, before the 2021 NFL season ends.

The NY Giants were big spenders in free agency this offseason, but still might pay out to take care of some of their own this season.

“You have a lot of contract extensions coming down the line for that team,” a current NFL agent tells FanSided. “You can’t wait to do them all next year, so you should try to prorate some of those cap hits out now.”

Several players could be candidates for long-term contract extensions, especially because as things currently stand the NY Giants have approximately $2.9 million in remaining cap space this season, and are projected to have just over $1.75 million to spend in 2021.

Whether it is before the end of this season, with some creative manipulation of the cap, or in the coming offseason, some of the NY Giants’ key young players could be in for a raise — and some added long-term job security.

To get a sense of what the potential contracts for the players possibly up next for an extension, FanSided spoke to several current NFL agents who represent clients at the position.

Here’s a look at three NY Giants most likely to sign a contract extension this season, with insight from agents on what their new deal might look like

3) RB – Saquon Barkley

There’s little disputing that when Saquon Barkley is fully healthy, he is among the five most dominant running backs in the NFL. Unfortunately, for Barkley and the NY Giants, it has been since his electrifying rookie campaign that the three-year veteran has been able to stay healthy and effective for a full season.

Barkley aims to return from a torn ACL and show that he can be the same dominant runner, and versatile playmaker as a receiver out of the backfield that the NY Giants chose No. 2 overall out of Penn State back in 2018.

If Barkley can return to his rookie form, where he produced 2,028 total yards from scrimmage with 15 touchdowns, the price will certainly go up on any long-term pact with the NY Giants, who made the easy decision this offseason when the organization picked up his fifth-year option.

Why Barkley will get an extension

Barkley is the focal point of the NY Giants’ offense, and one of the most gifted players at his position across the NFL.

As a former No. 2 overall pick, in an offense that’s built around a strong running game, providing Barkley shows he can put his suddenly lengthy injury history behind him and stay healthy this season, it wouldn’t be a surprise if by season’s end he has a new long-term contract in hand.

Why Barkley won’t

Earlier this offseason, NY Giants owner John Mara suggested that the organization wasn’t in much of a rush to extend Barkley.

“I certainly think we’re not in any hurry to do that. We fully expect him to be as good as new,” Mara said “I mean, if anybody is going to spend 100% of his efforts to rehab, it will be Saquon just knowing what type of motivation he has and desire he has. But we’re not in any hurry to do that at this point in time, particularly after the money we just spent.”

The NY Giants seem fully content to have Barkley play out the 2021 season on his current deal. It’s certainly a gamble, because if he finishes near the top of the league in rushing yards, he’ll command a higher asking price this offseason. But, that seems to be a risk the NY Giants are comfortable making.

Agent’s take on what an extension will look like:

“Take the highest-paid running back in the league, and add some. I think Saquon’s looking at something in the area of four years at $18 million per, just above Christian McCaffrey’s $64 million.”


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